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Jackpot Games

What would you do with a life-changing jackpot? Whether it’s Powerball, Mega Millions, or Raffle, we offer a wide selection of thrilling and easy-to-play jackpot games. Whether you play your own favorite numbers or take a chance on a quick pick, it is fun to dream a bit, and exhilarating to win.

Jackpot Games
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Keno is a classic favorite that’s played with spots (numbers) from 1 to 80. In each game, 20 numbers are randomly selected. The choice is yours, as the amount you win depends on how many spots you select and match correctly. It’s that easy. Explore the Bulls-Eye option, Special Keno and Keno-to-Go to ramp up the fun even more!

Play Keno
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Scratch-its — the classic lottery game! Our Scratch-its feature dozens of fun characters and colors in scratch-and-match, Bingo and crossword-style games. You can purchase Scratch-its for as little as a dollar, or splurge on a $20 ticket. Of course, the more you spend, the larger the top prize. Set your budget and scratch off a chance to win!

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Second Chance

Every Oregon Lottery Scratch-its comes with a second chance at the game’s top prize! If your Scratch-it isn’t an instant winner, you can enter it in Second Chance on our website or with your phone’s scanner if you’ve downloaded our app. Create your Second Chance account to get started today!

Second Chance
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Video Lottery

If you’re into Las Vegas-style slot games, Video Lottery might be just the thrill for you! Explore dozens of imaginative worlds as you choose from more than 60 games. Spin the reels and hold your breath. Will you win the spin? Hit a bonus? Or simply try again? Find Video Lottery at a location near you — no trip to Vegas required.

Video Lottery

Sports Betting with DraftKings

Whether you’re new to sports betting with the Oregon Lottery or you’ve played with us previously, you’ll love DraftKings Sportsbook — Official Provider of the Oregon Lottery! DraftKings offers plenty of thrilling wager opportunities, betting styles, and game options on an endless choice of professional sports. Download the DraftKings app or play from your computer. The choice is yours with DraftKings!

Game On!

Lottery games are based on chance and should be played for entertainment only, not investment purposes. Odds and payout vary by game.