Where Does the Money Go?

Lottery Dollars Support Oregon’s Economy

When you play Lottery games like Scratch-its, Keno, and Powerball, your dollars find their way to projects across every county in Oregon. Learn how your Lottery play helps support Oregon’s economy.

Lottery Funds Support Economic Growth

When the bill that established the Oregon Lottery was passed in 1984, it was with a single mission— to create a source of revenue to support Oregon’s struggling economy.

Today, almost 26% of Lottery funds are allocated for job creation and economic growth, assisting a variety of Oregon’s industries. These include manufacturing, high-tech, agriculture, fisheries, solar, medical, tourism, as well as small businesses. The funded projects in turn help local communities in the form of employment and business expansion. New worker wages then help support other business in the community. These benefits compound over time, extending the value of the projects well beyond the original investments.

Lottery dollars play a vital role helping support thousands of projects across the state and in every one of Oregon’s 36 counties, every single year. They help Oregon continue to thrive, both today and for future generations.


Oregon Lottery funds support job creation and economic growth


distributed by Business Oregon in 2019


Oregon Lottery retailers supporting local economies


to economic growth since 1985

A lottery retailer stands behind the counter

The Retailer Economy

When businesses sell lottery products they grow stronger, and their strength makes stronger local communities and a stronger Oregon.

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featured projects

Flowers in bloom at the Oregon Garden

The Oregon Garden

Flowers in bloom at the Oregon Garden

The Oregon Garden

Several people celebrate on a float in a parade

Rural Opportunities in Northeast Oregon

A display of vegetables at a farmers' market.

A Developing Food Network in SW Oregon

Nick checks the Smart Bench and Treatment Planter

New Water Reuse Systems

DuraFuse clips and surgical tool


Local products for sale at a farmers' market.
We’re talking to the community, we’re listening and figuring out what we can do together.
— Megan Fehrman, Director, A Greater Applegate Building a Rural Economy
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Qualifying for Funding — Economic Growth

Your small business might qualify for lottery-backed grants or loans through Business Oregon.