Heidi C – Gresham — 09/06/23

Striking Scratch-it Gold

On a recent morning, an excited couple eagerly awaited the opening of the Wilsonville Prize Claim Center. After completing the claim form, they handed over a “Player’s Club” Scratch-It purchased at the Platinum Pub in Gresham. The ticket was scanned, confirming a thrilling $50,000 win!

When asked if they were aware of the size of their prize, Heidi, started to tear up. “That’s what I thought, but I wasn’t going to believe it until I got here.” Happily, she received certain confirmation that she had indeed won a top prize!

Having worked for 30 years in police records, Heidi, now retired, is ecstatic about her unexpected windfall. With plans to visit her son in Vegas, Heidi is excited to test her luck again. Best of luck, Heidi!